Staff and Board

Frank N. Barnaba – Founder & President
Kimberly Bon Vecchione – Executive Director & Secretary
Robert Potts – Treasurer
Thea Bartlett – Accountant

Board of Directors
Joseph Consentino – Big Bear Films, Producer & Director
Sandra Consentino – Big Bear Films, Editor & Director
Denise Dowling – Social Worker, Bedford Hills, NY Correctional Facility
David Kaplan – KapCom Productions, Producer & Director
Marilyn Lester – Managing Director, Duke Ellington Center for the Arts
Jon Albrecht – Executive Chef, Tutto Il Giorno
Shannon Hall – Street Counsellor, B.I. Educational Program
Michael Palumbo – Webmaster, Phoenix Vision LLC

 In Memory of Audrey Barnaba 1936-2008

Frank N. Barnaba
The Barnaba Institute was co-founded in November 2006 by Frank N. Barnaba and Audrey Barnaba.  Frank is considered a nationwide expert in the field of sex trafficking and exploitation.  He began his 31-year career in 1980 assisting children and young adults entrapped in commercial sexual exploitation and drugs.  In 1988, President Ronald Reagan proclaimed “National Crime Victims Week” and recognized  Frank Barnaba’s accomplishments by awarding him with the “National Victims of Crime Award” for “…aiding child victims of sexual abuse and exploitation”.  The Barnaba Institute was founded in order to develop and create model education and outreach programs that deal with the commercialization of sexually exploited victims, trafficked children and young women and men with drug addiction problems.

Throughout his career, Mr. Barnaba has lectured at national conferences on sexual exploitation and human trafficking including the White House, the Helsinki Commission and the Mid-Term Review for the Third World Congress. He has also lectured at numerous Connecticut schools, rotary clubs and colleges and universities nationwide including Yale University, Wheaton College, the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing, Boston College and Brown University.

Mr. Barnaba has recevied numerous awards since 1982 in his fight to rescue exploited and trafficked youth and women including the Middlesex County Bar Association Liberty Bell, the Hartford Courant Foundation’s Volunteer of the Year Award, National Victim of Crime Award honored by President Reagan, Channel 8 News Jefferson Award and Middlesex County’s Kids Are Great Award

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